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What is AT/DME?

What is AT Reuse?

  • What Is AT Reuse?

    Reuse is the process of reclaiming and redistributing previously-owned equipment by taking it in, evaluating its workability, repairing it if needed, cleaning and sanitizing it, storing it and passing it on to a new owner for little or no cost.

  • What Is Assistive Technology (AT)/DME?

    Assistive Technology is any device, gadget, hardware or software used by a person with a disability to do things for themselves that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to do because of their disability. AT allows people with disabilities to lead more independent, active and healthy lives. Examples of AT include communication devices, reachers, talking alarm clocks, dressing aids, scooters, screen magnification software and digital organizers.

  • What Does Assistive Technology Provide?

    AT promotes greater independence by enabling people with disabilities to perform regular tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish, or had great difficulty accomplishing. The right assistive technology tools can also provide an opportunity for increased community access.

  • What Is Durable Medical Equipment (DME)?

    Durable Medical Equipment are reusable devices that aid users in obtaining a better quality of life. DME is covered by most health insurance plans including Medicare and Medi-Cal. DME encompasses a wide range of items and includes wheelchairs, shower chairs, walkers, hospital beds, nebulizers and portable ramps. DME is a type of assistive technology.

Brandi B.

“My mother is a very smart lady. Had she not contacted DMC and had DMC not provided me with a power electric wheelchair, I not only would have lost my job at the OC Fair but my independence as well.”