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California Assistive Technology Reuse Coalition (CATRC) History

About Us

CFILC and Ability Tools initiated the California AT Reuse Coaliton. In 2010, Ability Tools (AT Network) received additional funding from the Department of Rehabilitation to support statewide reuse efforts in California through June 30, 2012. CFILC’s goal was to support and collaborate with organizations engaged in AT Reassignment and Refurbishment by providing them with technical assistance to build their capacity and further their efforts.

The CATRC was initially formed in November 2010 as a Task Force resulting from a CFILC organized summit in Sacramento for organizations already involved with reuse. The summit’s purpose was to discuss the state of AT reuse in California. During the meeting, action items were established to make California a more effective reuse state. The Task Force wanted to build an infrastructure for reuse in California and create a special fund for reuse centers and repairs.

Since January 2011, a group of like-minded organizations and individuals carried forward the idea of promoting AT/DME reuse to individuals, businesses, and other interested parties. The goal is to break down barriers and build up AT reuse awareness to make AT/DME reuse as common as recycling plastic bottles and soda cans.

In the Fall of 2011, CFILC’s Ability Tools (AT Network) project funded CATRC to further promote reuse in the state. The funds enabled CATRC to design a logo, develop materials to build public awareness of reuse, produce a policy brief, set up strategies to sustain the coalition, and hold a statewide collaboration event in Sacramento. The CATRC is currently a project of CFILC.

Araceli G.

“Independent Living Center let me borrow legs (that electric wheelchair) until I get mine back. In other words, they gave me my life back! Independent Living Center has a program that allows people to donate any type of equipment to help people in need of equipment so they can live independently, like me.”