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Become a Volunteer

Join Us!

Volunteer for CATRC!

  • Join our Reuse Coalition.
  • Collect donated equipment and get devices/items to reuse locations.
  • Partner with reuse locations to get community needs met.
  • Share the coalition with others.

Share Your Skills

If you have special skills such as:

  • Ability to repair AT such as computers or DME such as wheelchairs, contact your local Reuse Center to see how you might volunteer your skills in your community.
  • Writing, marketing and/or fundraising, contact the Executive Committee and ask them how you might share your skills with the CATRC.

Contribute Ideas

Contact the Executive Committee to share ideas, plans, information that you have to promote reuse in the state of California.

Brandi B.

“My mother is a very smart lady. Had she not contacted DMC and had DMC not provided me with a power electric wheelchair, I not only would have lost my job at the OC Fair but my independence as well.”